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3 Simple Questions

that Lead to the Love of Your Life

An Appreciation Therapy Workbook by Patti Towhill


This innovative workbook is indispensable if you have not yet been able to find the true love your heart desires. It leads you step-by-step through a simple, heart-opening process that can completely change the way you look for love.


+ Does it seem like you are always attracting exactly what you don’t want in relationships?


+ Learn how new physics and the Law of Attraction can hinder your search for true love or can become your greatest tool to create the relationship of your dreams.


+ Simply answer three questions about people you have known before to create a blueprint for the Universe to bring you exactly what you want.


+ Easy to use workbook format is spiral bound to lay flat while you write in the pages.


This workbook will take you through an enlightening process so that you can tell the Universe exactly what you want, and get it!

"I realized I was always harping on what I didn't want.

This helped me work toward a new paradigm shift!"   —P.N.

Steps to Manifesting Your True Love:


1.  Buy the printed workbook from print-on-demand.


2.  Work the process on your own.


3.  Join Group Sessions for extra help. Please sign up for emails

    to be notified when Group Sessions are scheduled.


4.  Book private sessions with Patti to resolve relationship issues.


5.  Join the Community and let us know when and how your

    dreams come true!  COMMUNITY PAGE TO BE SET UP SHORTLY.


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